What languages are supported by B4B Payments?

What languages are supported by B4B Payments?

The B4B Payments digital platform and app feature the following languages:


Live customer service:

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    • Does B4B Payments support new languages?

      Under exceptional circumstances, B4B Payments may add a new language to the platform and app. If a new language is requested, a business case must be put forward and discussed with the B4B Payments team. For implementation, the B4B Payments platform ...
    • What currencies are supported by B4B Payments?

      GBP / USD / EURO
    • Can I set up a direct debit on my prepaid card?

      Prepaid cards are unable to be used for traditional direct debits through your bank. However, the merchant may be able to set up a 'continuous payment authority.' This can be done by making a payment using your card through a payment gateway like ...
    • Who are B4B Payments?

      B4B Payments, a global e-money issuer, provides forward-thinking payment processing solutions, which enable any size organisation to manage expenses, simplify payroll, reimbursements, and offer employee rewards and incentives.  With 1,000s of ...
    • What service functionality is available on the B4B Payments App vs. B4B Payments cardholder platform?

      Both the online B4B Payments platform and B4B Payments app feature the same servicing functionality. By using both the B4B online login portal and/or the B4B app available on both IOS and Android devices, cardholders may access and update the ...