I've received my card, but it doesn't work.

I've received my card, but it doesn't work.

If this is a new or replacement card, it may need to be activated. For new cards, you may only need to create an account or login to your B4B Payments platform or app to activate the card. Depending on the company providing the card, or if the card is a replacement, you may also need to perform a PIN transaction (such as a balance enquiry at an ATM.) This should activate your card for contactless payments.

Other reasons your card may not be working could include:
The transaction type is not allowed (ie. withdrawing cash at an ATM.)
You've suspended the card using the B4B Payments app or platform
The card has been suspended for other reasons
The card is faulty

If you are unable to activate the card using the B4B Payments platform, app, or with your PIN, please call our Customer Services Team for assistance. 

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    • How can I view my PIN number?

      Please call our Customer Service team and to choose the options 1, then 4, or login into your account and select "Show PIN."  ​
    • How are prepaid cards activated and registered?

      B4B Payments prepaid cards may be activated using either the B4B Payments app or by going online to the B4B Payments cardholder portal. Physical prepaid cards: 1. Using the nine-digit card code printed on the front of the card and date of birth used ...
    • How do I report a lost or stolen card?

      The best option is to login to the B4B Payments cardholder platform or app and select the button "Report a lost or stolen card." Cardholders may also call customer services within opening hours to speak with a representative, or through our automated ...
    • How do I control what transactions are enabled on my prepaid card?

      You can control your prepaid card logging into your online account or via our app, you can easily suspend your card, switch off ATM access or disable e-commerce transactions.
    • How do I add my card to Google Pay?

      Adding your card to Google Pay is simple. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Open your Googlepay App. 2. Select 'Add Card'. 3. Choose 'Credit or Debit Card' 4. You can either scan the card or enter the details manually; make sure there is sufficient ...