How do I add my card to Google and Apple Pay?

How do I add my card to Google and Apple Pay?

Adding your card to Google Pay is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Open your Google or Apple Pay App.
2. Select 'Add Card'.
3. Choose 'Credit or Debit Card'
4. You can either scan the card or enter the details manually; make sure there is sufficient light when scanning the card. The app will automatically pick up the card details. If it doesn't (or you are using a virtual card) then you can enter the details in manually.
5. Click save when presented with the Google or Apple Pay Terms and conditions.
6. Click Accept and Continue when presented with the Issuer Terms
7. Click yes to request the one time passcode text. (note you may get a message informing you that the code is being sent to another phone. This will happen if you have ported your old number to a new phone; as Google/Apple Pay is picking up the original number of the new phone.
8. Key in the six digit code.
9. Your card is now added to Google or Apple Pay.

If you have the B4B or Bread4Scrap App you will also have have 'Add to Wallet' button in the app. Clicking this automatically adds your card to your Google or Apple Pay wallet.

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