How are prepaid cards activated and registered?

How are prepaid cards activated and registered?

B4B Payments prepaid cards may be activated using either the B4B Payments app or by going online to the B4B Payments cardholder portal.

Physical prepaid cards:

1. Using the nine-digit card code printed on the front of the card and date of birth used to issue the card, and a valid mobile number used to confirm the cardholder's identity. Once entered the cardholder will be sent a one time password to the mobile number provided.
2. Once registered, the card's PIN can be accessed and changed. Physical prepaid cards may be sent pre-activated and loaded, ready for use.

For safety and security reasons, B4B Payments does not recommend sending pre-loaded cards by mail. It is recommended to wait seven business days before loading funds on to cards.

Virtual (Digital-only) prepaid cards:
1. Virtual cards are activated when issued.
2. To register a virtual prepaid card online, cardholders are sent a nine-digit code via email and date of birth to create an account. Mobile numbers need to be confirmed and a one time password will be sent to that mobile. Funds may be loaded on issuance.
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    • How do I control what transactions are enabled on my prepaid card?

      You can control your prepaid card logging into your online account or via our app, you can easily suspend your card, switch off ATM access or disable e-commerce transactions.
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    • What type of cards are issued by B4B?

      The B4B Payments prepaid card is utilised by businesses and organisations of any size, and are accepted worldwide at millions of locations via the most accessible global card networks Mastercard® in the UK and Europe and Visa® in North America.
    • Can I transfer my balance between two cards, if the cards are issued by different organisations?

      Depending on the type of cards you are issued, and provided the personal details on both accounts match, you may be able to transfer balances between cards.  Please contact our Customer Services Team for assistance.